One Missed Call / Un appel en absence (conference + expo + perf @ESAAix)

Locus Sonus Residency Program, Symposium #8 "Audio Mobility" : a conference and an exhibition with drafts and sketches, a purple vidéo, a (...)

Amour Augmenté, Dramaturgie

An installation for two persons. Technology writes their story. Solo show @Espace des Minimes (Compiègne, France), may 16 - june 2 2013. With (...)

Love Oriented Future

Performance in collaboration with Chrissy Howland-Métais, creation of a virtually situated rendez-vous. @festival Les Composites (Compiègne, (...)

Untitled (Piezos and Cart)

May the 7th 2011, installation for BQE eyelevel Gallery @School Nite (233 Mott St), New Museum festival of ideas for the new city, NYC. Extreme (...)

Amour Augmenté, Etude

Installation @Videopolis Festival 2011 (Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA) and Performance @La compagnie on the 8th and 16th of February 2008. (...)

(impossible) intercontinental caress

May the 7th 2011. Fabrice Métais et Annie Abrahams. A telematic tactile performance between Paris and New York.